Friday, November 5, 2010

Metrolina... oh me oh my

Hello my 5 fabulous friends who are following me. I think I am one of those actually. Whatever. So I have been busting my bootie since tuesday getting ready for THE EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! And oh what an extravaganza it is. I have taken a couple pics but I won't be able to post them anytime soon. I don't know where you all find the time to blog. I am working on this though.
I am fortunate enough to have my cousin here who came all the way from washington state to help me this week. What a dollface she is. And boy did I need her. BUSY BUSY BUSY we've been. I also had another fabuloso friend of mine there thurs/friday. I couldn't have made it this far without these angels.
Two more days of shear bliss, hopefully meet some new peeps and make some more benjamins! Amen. OK can't wait to post pics!!! Until then....

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