Saturday, November 6, 2010

Almost over...

Well Kendra and I have made it 4 days and have hauled 4 car loads and 3 trailer loads down to the big show (the advantages of living 20 minutes away). We contemplated how we were going to bring it all back in one car load and 1 trailer load. Should be interesting. I have had a blast and will absolutly be doing the April extravaganza!
I would be a wondering gypsy if I didn't have the short ones. As I walked around on one of my few chances to get away. I met all sorts of wonderful peeps, and they all seemed to have one piece of advise. GO TO TEXAS!!!! One gal even approached me and invited me to there show, because she thinks my jolie jonque would do well there. Well Merci!!! The strange thing was they all set up at different shows in the same area. And of coarse where they set up is the best spot. So I may have to do some investingating on where truly is the BEST cow pasture to set up at in TEXAS. However set up or not, come March I plan on hitchhiking to the Lone star State for some good ol' junking adventures.
Today I also managed to make a few purchases,
1) 8 floral (cameo like) center pieces
2) #7, #9 vintage numbers, a porcelien key hole, and an oversized safety pin
3) 10 misc. glass knobs and pulls
4) 4 large metal stackable baskets- FABULOUS!!!!
Well when I get a minute I will post some pics!!! Until then....

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  1. Hi, I am now your 6th follower. We met at Metrolina this weekend. I bought the twin coverlet from you.

    You have great things. I hope to stop by your space in the near future.