Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Metrolina and Have you heard about Crisp Interiors....?

Metrolina was a HUGE success!! November was the first show I've done and I had a ton of return customers that had come back JUST TO SEE IF I RETURNED! What a compliment! I never would have thought, (in a million years) that I would be busier in April than I was at the November show. I am very blessed to have the following I have after only one show, as well as how well I did in the show overall. Thank You to everyone who came out even though I was only there Friday - Sunday! Thank you Jesus!!!
 Also.... PLEASE check out!!!

Crisp Interiors... is a FABULOUS WEBSITE and BLOG that you have to check out! She is in North Carolina and I LOVE ALL HER STUFF!!! She's an inspiration to what I wish to achieve one day!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A new contest by Momma Hen

I was browsing blogs this morning as my precious little princess had speech therapy. And checking facebook updates when I stumbled upon Momma Hen asking if anybody liked linky parties or participated in them. I DO LoVE me some linky parties, however I have only participated in one due to my little shorties. And lack of time. However sweet little Momma Hen encouraged me to link up and I DID. I used the same one from my last link up party, but that's OK. I'm new to this and I notice alot of peeps link up to several parties. So that's what I'm going to do. The more the merrier right? Thanks Momma Hen for the push to be more pro-active with my blogging. And I realize I say I'm new to this alot, kind of annoying so I vow to stop saying "that".
Count your Blessings!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Food, Wine, & Mod Podge is having a birthday/giveaway!!!

Katie from Food, Wine, and Mod Podge is celebrating a birthday and having a give a way!!!

How to enter:

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Comment on this post and tell me the best birthday gift you ever received!

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This giveaway closes at midnight on Wednesday, March 9th. Winners of this and all the giveaways this week will be announced on Thursday, March 10th.

Monday, January 24, 2011

DIY Family Name

K I am still new at this and just realized I needed to have a post about my DIY Family Name Project! Whoops! Ok here she goes...
 I don't have any before pictures because I haven't gotten in that mind frame yet and this project was in the works for awhile. As I had the K-A-N but was still trying to come up with something creative for the H-E.
So here's a run down on each letter;
K- Purchased from Micheal's for around $2.29 I mod podged it with vintage music paper I had. Painted the edges black then distressed the top with Tim Holton's Distress Ink. 
A- This is a Plate Stand that I've had laying around. It was a barn red color, so I grabbed a can of Chrome spray paint. I love to mix modern and vintage elements for a more interesting look. I love the way the A turned out, and I love that it is not actually an A. (Since it's cold outside right now I used a pizza box with newspaper underneath and a flattened cardboard box as a make shift Paint Booth! Since I only had a little spraying to do it didn't smell the house up and worked like a charm.)
H- I have several of these wooden plaques in different shapes that I bought from a garage sale for 50 cents each. You can purchase them at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby also. I chose the diamond shape and Mod Podged and distressed it the same way I did the K. For the Letter H I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the letter and Mod podged it on top.
N- For the N I purchased a house Letter from our local Habitat for Humanity store for $1.50. The only problem, it was gold. I went with Rust-oleum's Hammered Dark Bronze Spray Paint. Which looks dark gray and I LOVE!
E- This one took me awhile to come up with. I had an E that looked like the N but I'm going for eclectic here. So I looked for an interested Wooden E, something like the plate stand that maybe looked like an E, nothing was coming to me. Then I found these spoons at Value Village for 20 cents each. The large spoon is Silver and has an engraved K on it. IS THIS A SIGN?? I think so I brought them home and arranged them into an E on my kitchen table. But I didn't know how i would hang them. Should I glue them to a frame or a different shape wooden plaque?? 
So while dwelling over this days and days. Did I mention this project took me awhile or everything takes me awhile because I think to much. K well that's the case and my Husband LOVES this about me. HAHA One day I was wondering around Lowes thinking of all my projects and what it will take to finish them, when I came across command strips. Let's try these I thought. I might even be able to get everything straight. These are really my thoughts. 
They worked like magic this is how I hung everything. For the spoons I cut them to size so you won't be able to see them. On the little spoons I only needed to put a small chunk on the base. I kept the pull part so I can take them down without causing damage. I had to trim it also though. 
And there you have it. I took all the thinking out of this project for you. But I'm sure you all can come up with different variations of your own problems. And I would love to see and hear about them!! Until next time.... 
Count your Blessings!!!
Jolie Jonque * Pretty Junk

The DIY Show Off: DIY Project Parade and an Uncommon Goods Giveaway

I amlinking up to The DIY Show Off: DIY Project Parade and an Uncommon Goods Giveaway with my DIY Family Name Project! Check it out!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Master Bedroom Re-do

 I don't have any (actual) BEFORE pics.
 So bare with me here...
 If I ever figure out how to put these pictures where I want them I will be a happy lady!

Introducing the NEW AND IMPROVED....
ma chambre à coucher

The Queen Size Bed (that is too small when you have 2 toddlers sneaking in in the middle of the night.) was a Metrolina find we got about 4 years ago. We got it on a Sunday, the dealer was not wanting to haul it home. So we stole it for $300 bucks!!!!
The Curtains are from Ikea, can't remember what I paid but did I say they were from IKEA. They have the velvet like texture I was drooling over in the Pottery Barn catalog. Only for 1/3 of the cost. 
The Bench at the end of the bed is from Pottery Barn, only I bought it in an antique shop for $100.00 WITH the BASKETS!!!

The shelf on the left is a craigslist find. $199 baby. She is Fabulous!!! And to the right we have an antique school desk (garage sale score) $25
The wall sconces are from a consignment store marked down to $10 each.

My husband's birthday present. My first attempt at Subway Art. {personalized}
I LOVE the way it turned out!!!

Above the bookshelf is an ode to our marriage. One of our engagement pictures and a carved wood annoucement of our wedding date. The angel wings were a tj maxx score $2.99 each. The silverplate urn was an estate sale score for $5 dollas!!! And an ode to paris (hoping I make it there one day!!!)

< I fell in love with this cute Wisteria shelf and when it went on sale for $40 I had to have it!!!
> So I'm pretty sure I am addicted to Books, but I'm ok with that. Shelf was a Habitat Score $10.

 The pictures on the wall are not perfectly straight I now realize. And the two people in the middle frame are the wonderful people that came with the frame. Still have to swap that out for a family photo.
The two lamps are from Walmart actually. You never know what you can find it you look long enough. 
I am so happy the room for now. Until we upgrade to a KING size. 
The gold mirror is a Value Village score. $14.99!!!
Aggghhhhh!!!! for now! Nothing stays the same for too long around here!
Well thanks for looking I am going to attempt to link up to some PARTAYS for the first time. EEEEKKKK!
Jolie Jonque

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I can't keep up... BUT...

It's one of my new years revolutions to update my blog once a week. Starting with my master bedroom post coming soon...!!! Not quite done yet, but any comments on finishing touches would be greatly appreciated!