Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Metrolina and Have you heard about Crisp Interiors....?

Metrolina was a HUGE success!! November was the first show I've done and I had a ton of return customers that had come back JUST TO SEE IF I RETURNED! What a compliment! I never would have thought, (in a million years) that I would be busier in April than I was at the November show. I am very blessed to have the following I have after only one show, as well as how well I did in the show overall. Thank You to everyone who came out even though I was only there Friday - Sunday! Thank you Jesus!!!
 Also.... PLEASE check out!!!

Crisp Interiors... is a FABULOUS WEBSITE and BLOG that you have to check out! She is in North Carolina and I LOVE ALL HER STUFF!!! She's an inspiration to what I wish to achieve one day!!!

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  1. Beckie!
    You are just the sweetest !! Thank you sooo much for your sweet words. Where were you set up at Metrolina? I'm sure I was probably at your booth (since I always seem to make a bee-line to styles like yours!) I am SOO sad that I missed you!
    I'd love to stop by and see what fabulous things you have next time!
    Let me know if you'd ever like to go "junkin" sometime!
    Have a wonderful week :)