Saturday, January 22, 2011

Master Bedroom Re-do

 I don't have any (actual) BEFORE pics.
 So bare with me here...
 If I ever figure out how to put these pictures where I want them I will be a happy lady!

Introducing the NEW AND IMPROVED....
ma chambre à coucher

The Queen Size Bed (that is too small when you have 2 toddlers sneaking in in the middle of the night.) was a Metrolina find we got about 4 years ago. We got it on a Sunday, the dealer was not wanting to haul it home. So we stole it for $300 bucks!!!!
The Curtains are from Ikea, can't remember what I paid but did I say they were from IKEA. They have the velvet like texture I was drooling over in the Pottery Barn catalog. Only for 1/3 of the cost. 
The Bench at the end of the bed is from Pottery Barn, only I bought it in an antique shop for $100.00 WITH the BASKETS!!!

The shelf on the left is a craigslist find. $199 baby. She is Fabulous!!! And to the right we have an antique school desk (garage sale score) $25
The wall sconces are from a consignment store marked down to $10 each.

My husband's birthday present. My first attempt at Subway Art. {personalized}
I LOVE the way it turned out!!!

Above the bookshelf is an ode to our marriage. One of our engagement pictures and a carved wood annoucement of our wedding date. The angel wings were a tj maxx score $2.99 each. The silverplate urn was an estate sale score for $5 dollas!!! And an ode to paris (hoping I make it there one day!!!)

< I fell in love with this cute Wisteria shelf and when it went on sale for $40 I had to have it!!!
> So I'm pretty sure I am addicted to Books, but I'm ok with that. Shelf was a Habitat Score $10.

 The pictures on the wall are not perfectly straight I now realize. And the two people in the middle frame are the wonderful people that came with the frame. Still have to swap that out for a family photo.
The two lamps are from Walmart actually. You never know what you can find it you look long enough. 
I am so happy the room for now. Until we upgrade to a KING size. 
The gold mirror is a Value Village score. $14.99!!!
Aggghhhhh!!!! for now! Nothing stays the same for too long around here!
Well thanks for looking I am going to attempt to link up to some PARTAYS for the first time. EEEEKKKK!
Jolie Jonque


  1. Great job! I used to own this exact sleigh bed. I finally sold it because it's a BIG bed, isn't it? My space is much to small. It looks absolutely perfect in your space!

  2. what a great use of that school desk for a night stand. the room looks beautiful!