Monday, September 27, 2010


OHHHH, I did it. Ok so this is before,  and since I am such a professional photographer this place looks kind of fun to hang out in. But I assure you, nothing inspiring about this shed. Just a dumping ground for all my JOLIE JONQUE.  I started pressure washing to outside of the shed about 6 months ago, and got a little over half way done, yeah me!!! But that's where I stopped. So the other day my husband and I were hanging out outside with the kids and I got a SUPER GOOD idea to take EVERYTHING out of the shed and paint the whole inside with my super handy Wagner hand painter. I have 2 clearenced and discountined from Lowes. Gotta love a deal. I've only used them once to seal coat the picnic table that I also got clearenced at Lowes, along with about 50 gallons of oops paint that I no longer want and can't throw away. (That's a whole nother blog or fight with my hubby :)) SO here is what my yard looked like after I hauled EVERYTHING out of PROJECT SHED... 

I am having trouble getting these pics where I want them... grrrrr!

So as you can see I created alot of work for myself, I also relized that I have WAY too many projects that I never get around to doing. Like framed pictures that I want just the frame, I need to come home and take the ugly picture out, paint the frame and either put a new pretty picture in or slap some chicken wire on the back for display frames, or make chalk boards, ect. ect.
THATS WHAT I SHOULD DO... but I don't I just let all these great ideas add up and this is what your left with. A TON OF WORK. What's inspiring about that. I have enough to do with just the daily happenings of life, why do I make everything harder than it should be... Well because I'm REALLY GOOD at it I guess.

So everything is out now, let's start PAINTING... Oh it's really dirty and dusty in there. So I get a the shop vac out and start vaccuming up the dirt. Shouldn't take too long, right? WRONG! I had to get out a stiff wire brush to unstick the years of acumulated grime, then shop vac it up. Now I should have done a thuro job with this task, but would take me FOREVER, and I have NO PATIENTS! Upon scrubbing various parts of the shed I scrubed a little spot on the concrete. And TO MY SURPRIZE, the floor was WHITE concrete, not BLACK.  So I come up with another FANTASTIC IDEA... yes another... Why don't I just get the pressure washer and pressure wash the whole inside of the shed, walls and all. So I tell my husband that's what I'm doing. "great, go for it" he says.

So that's exactly what I did. It was working like  CHARM. Then I relized that there was no place for the water to go. WHAT NOW, do I have to wait for the water to dry or brush it out the door with a broom???? Uggghhhh! Just then the light bulb went off in the old brain of mine. SHOPVAC, please be a wet/dry vac, ayhah it is. SO I ask my husband to turn the power off to the shed please and plugged to shop vac into the outlet on the back porch, and started a sucking up the filthy water that was hanging out on the floor. I knew it was full when water started to sputter out the blow hole of the thing. So I turned it off and carried the bottom of the shopvac out into the yard, where the drain from the gutters empty.  (not to self; when switching from dry vac to wet vac, empty the dry contents into the garbage FIRST, and take out the filter. Not sure if that is manditory but I'm pretty sure I ruined ours :) ) Now there is nails and dirt and god know what else in the yard, right where the kids play. WONDERFUL. (note to self; clean that up later) Gotta keep going, back to pressure washing, the sucking up water, then more pressure washing... You get the idea. In the meantime my FABULOUS IN LAWS had come to pick up the kids, so we could get some work done outside. (it was a saturday and my husband is usually traveling on weekends for work, this weekend he didn't have to leave until Sunday morning!!!) After the inlaws and kids left I looked around and NO HUSBAND.... HMMMM I came inside to my husband watching racing. SHOCKER. "Could you come help me please.... (SMILING) honey buns?" "yeah I was just..." yeah yeah yeah

K I was already filthy so I had him be the sucker upper of water. K long story short. Husband dumped the water right out side the door, I hauled the load to the yard. Husband left the plug in the water, I took the whole shop vac out of the shed while I was pressure washing and made sure the plug never touched the water. No we didn't get electricuted thank GOD, but it did surge the breaker to the outside plug of the house. YEAH!!!!

Alright I didn't take any after pressure washing pics, wonder why... but I did take pics after I emptied my side of the shed out. Husband gets a corner sections, for know. :) And I also found one more before

So onto painting... I break out my automatic sprayer. This should take NO TIME AT ALL!!! I load the first sprayer up with paint and HERE WE GO... Crap its not working. Husband says,"You probably didn't clean it good enough that last time you used it." Double Crap. So he kindly started cleaning that one out 'THE RIGHT WAY" and I loaded up the other one. The other one that hadn't been used yet. BTW.  It DOESN'T work either. GRRRRRR!!! It's been quite a day.... So I clean that one out with hubby and try the one he cleaned out this time I diluted the paint a little bit with water. STILL didn't work. SO FRUSTERATED!!! Long story short, I later learned that you have to really thin out your paint, with these LEMONS!!!

So the next day I started to paint BY HAND. Now juggling trying to watch to kids, weekday life, and getting this done. Was SUPER FUN. What in my mind was going to take a sunny saturday afternoon, took A WEEK AND A HALF!!!! (SMILE) And that was only ONE COAT. And that's how its staying. For now.... Here's what it looked like after all that...

Now oviously it is a work in progress.  I have LOT of IDEAS.... Stay Tuned....

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  1. Looking Fab Beck... Got your work cut out for yourself...:) Totally looks like my garage..Hey you'll never ever be a someone who is bored and with nothing to do..xo
    K tried starting a how in the blah blah blah do ya post pics..still have some monkey-ing around to do on it..Lets just say NOTHING has got done around here today now..
    Keep the shed pics coming..LOVE